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#10mountains10months: Jess and Toby hike Kinder Scout in the Peak District

For part four of #10mountains10months the duo not only tackled Kinder Scout via Hayfield and Kinder Downfall, they even took the granpawrents

The route up Kinder Scout is gorgeous and one that we would highly recommend to some of the more adventurous pups out there. It can be confusing once you reach the trig point as there are several paths off the top, so ensure that you are following a route rather than other walkers, otherwise, you could end up far away from your ride home.

Unlike for our previous three walks of this challenge, the weather was kind to us. Obviously, walking in the warmer weather with my beloved Border terrier, Toby, means we have to take other things into consideration: additional water for both him and me, his boots for if the rocks become too hot underfoot, his cooling coat and mat for when we have a break, and ensuring that he has more regular stops to have a drink and a snack.
Our Kurgo Gourd bottle was once again such a handy piece of kit to have with us because it makes it much easier to ensure that both Toby and I are staying hydrated.

The route up Kinder Scout that we take thankfully also follows a stream so there are plenty of opportunities for Toby to dip his feet and have a paddle to cool off.


There are a few sections of that route that are a tough climb, and we had to lift Toby up at one section despite his mountain-goat tendencies. Other than a few steep and rocky sections, however, you are walking along an undulating ridge. The section that requires you to climb up the stream is challenging but rewarding, although this section can be sloppy underfoot and can cause wet feet if there has been a lot of rain.

The route we took goes via the peak William Clough, up to a stream, then on to the ridge before meeting the downfall. This is a beautiful spot for lunch and a perfect place for dogs to have a little dip to cool off before re-fuelling for the next leg up to the trig point.


The route is approximately 10 miles and 620m (2,034ft) of ascent, making it the longest adventure we have done so far for this challenge – one of the many reasons we were so grateful for the nicer weather!

This is another walk I would recommend keeping dogs on a lead. I keep Toby on lead for this walk, because despite being very well trained, the sheep are very tempting for any dog.

We had additional walkers with us for this challenge – my mum and dad (Toby’s grandpawrents) joined us. They are used to big adventures as they did the Yorkshire three peaks with Toby and me last year for one of the charities that we are supporting with our #10mountains10months challenge.


It was nice to have the additional company along the way and it certainly made people look at us all donning our charity T-shirts, which is what the challenge is all about: Raising awareness for the prevention of young suicide and the charities we are raising awareness for,  PAPYRUS (Prevention of Young Suicide). The other is CALM (Campaign against living miserably).

 Sibyl hitching a lift on Toby's backpack

This walk also included another visitor, who hitched a ride in Toby’s backpack along with his usual first aid kits: a little-felted Border terrier named Sybil (#sybilontour on Instagram).

Our new friend is raising awareness for Huntington’s disease, which is a degenerative disease that affects the nerve cells in the brain. Sadly, studies have been done that show an increased risk of suicide to individuals who suffer from Huntington’s disease, so we are more than happy to help Sybil on her travels and add her mission to our own.

Follow Jess and Toby’s adventures on Instagram @jessyyandtoby

To donate to the charities the team are supporting, please go to papyrus-uk.org and thecalmzone.net 


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