About Wunderdog

Wunderdog is a magazine for underdogs and wonderdogs, canine and human alike. Wunderdog is silly and playful, heartfelt and joyful – if a dog playing in a mud puddle would start an independent magazine, it would be Wunderdog. 

Wunderdog-humans are kind: we know that life is better with a dog, and in return we seek to make life better for dogs. When we can, we help dogs, and we stand up for animal welfare. Dogs are family and we love to spoil them, but we also know that dogs will be dogs. One of their greatest gifts is the stoic appreciation of the simple things. Following their lead can alleviate loneliness and depression. For every dark day in a human soul, there is a dog paw that drags us out, to look at the sky and breathe, to chat to a stranger or stare at a beautiful tree. Dogs can teach us happiness, so let’s create happiness for them.

Launched online in August 2016 by Nina May, a writer and editor, and her dog Pippa, a senior rescue collie cross, a print magazine will follow and be published alongside the website from north-east London. While first for dogs and second for beauty, Wunderdog welcomes pitches for words, photography and illustrations that are light, bright and thoughtful.  

Nina May, co-editor

A writer and editor, Nina wanted a rescue Westie when she went freelance some 12 years ago. But then a skinny, ginger, shy foster dog called Pippa turned up and changed everything. Having grown up in Germany with a dachshund and assorted other pets, Nina moved to London and worked in TV covering news and fashion for five years and has been a freelance correspondent, writer and sub-editor ever since. She has branched out into covering trends, design and travel. In 2011, she did an MA in philosophy for no particular reason, and occasionally employs these learnings in Ponderdog comics. Wunderdog is her pet project. 

Pippa May, late co-editor

Pippa was a senior collie cross, who came to Nina as a rescue dog. Having rescued Nina from a dull, fur-free life full of work, Pippa  lead the way towards happiness in mud. As the fictional author of The 1,000-hour Belly Rub and its follow-up success, Keep Rubbing, this fox lookalike regularly lead field trips to muddy ponds and sandy beaches. 

Sadly, Pippa had a number if illnesses: she lost an eye to glaucoma, turned blind eventually as the remaining eye developed glaucoma too, had Cushing's Disease, arthritis and seasonal allergies. One ear was down following an aural hematoma operation. Pippa was diagnosed with lymphoma – cancer of the lymp nodes – in 2016. Thanks to amazing care, she had another 18 months after that, around 10 years in human years. Pippa was utterly loved until her very last breath, and she is the guardian dog-angel for Wunderdog.