Edition 12: Handmade in Norwich

Wunderdog meets the team behind a unique new label,  with a surprisingly
powerful workforce

 Harriet and Frankie Goodings

Harriet and Frankie Goodings

Frankie may not have Eva Herzigova’s legs, but this is one model with attitude. The smooth-haired sausage dog is in-house model and muse of Edition 12, a clever new dog accessories label that launched in July. Fashion designer Harriet Goodings wanted to create a range with a difference, striking but not “twee”. She sources vegetable tanned saddlery leather in the UK, hand-paints it and powder-coats (with a dry powder that doesn't require a solvent) the metalware to match. The result is a minimalist, geometric statement range that just gently nods towards fashion. 

Mesmerised by treats: Norfolk travel insider Frosso, canine editor Pippa with friends Pearl and Wolf

“I really missed making things by hand,” says Harriet, as we meet in what must be the most dog-friendly café in her hometown of Norwich, Norfolk. Artel may also be the smallest place, and by the time team Wunderdog crowds in with two humans and three dogs it is full up. Harriet had warned that Frankie, in true model style, can be difficult with others of his kind, but we decided to risk it, taking our Norfolk-Holiday pack with us into town to meet the Edition 12 duo. 

The model is fine, claiming his owner’s lap quickly and ensuring first dibs of the treats bag. Harriet whips out the range of collars for us to see, which Wunderdog’s human friend quickly decides is pretty enough for her to wear. “It’s annoying that some customers have said the collars are too pretty and their dogs would ruin it, but the leather ages really nicely and the colour stays on,” assures Harriet. The leather is treated and water-proofed. 

Frankie lends a helping paw

Harriet paints the collar red

Harriet works three days a week for fashion company Three Floor in London, where she spends most of her time designing on the computer. On her days back in Norwich, she produces the dog accessories by hand and from home: powder-coating, painting to stitching. Frankie, the six-year-old muse whom Harriet rehomed three years ago, may not help much but he inspired Edition 12 in the first place, so his work here is largely done.

The range of six colourways – white, black, red, blue, forest green and purple – is sold through Edition 12’s online store and a handful of independent boutiques, such as British online boutique Floyd & Bear and Palma Dog on Mallorca. Collars start at £36 and leads are £42. A more affordable range made of biothane webbing in single colours is in the making (priced from £26 for a collar), and new colourways for the leather range are also on the way.

With matching leads this is a rather smart look

Eventually, Frankie and the male dog in our pack start a bark-off, so it's time to go. As we amble back to our car, we keep chatting about the production process. Harriet’s work schedule means production can get tight when wholesale orders are due. “My boyfriend helps with the powder-coating,” she says casually. What does the boyfriend do the rest of the time? “Oh, he was in the Paralympics. He came fifth in judo.” 

Frankie is either unimpressed by this or has heard it so many times. He keeps pottering along the path outside Norwich Cathedral as we gush over what a fantastic achievement this is – and how very, very few dog accessories brands exist whose manufacturing team includes a Paralympic hero. Edition 12 is unique, indeed. 

Edition 12 also accepts custom orders. For the online shop, click here. Follow Edition 12 on Instagram, not least to heart Frankie.